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We turn videographers into Video WARRIORS by helping you build strong business, life, and sales skills that can lead you to a successful financial future.

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We’re all about empowering videographers to think differently about your money, life, and future. We place a huge emphasis on helping creatives build and life a meaningful life, on your terms.

Online Courses

The Video Selling Starter Kit
free 5-day video training series designed to get the show on the road.

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Learn how to pitch and sell the one video every business needs, and getting paid fairly to do it.

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Video Selling Formula
The eBook + Audiobook combo that kickstarted our community. A must-read.

$25 USD - get yours.

Hands-On Instruction

The Video WARRIOR Academy
Our upcoming annual mastermind program for those ready to take their business to the next level. Coming soon.

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eBooks & Online Courses

We've created eBook and online courses that provide genuine value, with curated information that comes from years of hands-on experience in both video production and running a video production companies. Our eBooks and courses break down our methods and secrets so you can replicate, emulate, and grow your business!

Video Selling Starter Kit

This free 5-day training series will give you the foundation to build a better business.

Born from collaborating with thousands of professionals worlwide, and after helping drive $6 million in sales, we've put together an intro program that will get your fire burning.

Two major takeaways:

  • Stop working for shoestrings and start earning a fair income
  • Learn how to communicate your value as a videographer

The 5-Day Schedule:

  • The Surefire Way to Kill Your Video Business
  • The Secret to Higher Paying Gigs
  • Removing the Sleaze From Selling
  • How to Get 'Em Begging to Work With You
  • The Best Video to Sell (Script & Sample)

Video Selling Formula

The #1 sales training audiobook + eBook combo that sparked the Video WARRIOR movement. Available in all major digital formats.

  • Learn how to run a sales meeting (without selling out).
  • Learn the exact questions to ask in a meeting so you stay in control and are seen as a trusted expert by your potential clients.
  • Learn how to justify your worth as a creative so you can start earning the higher rates you should be making.

Included Bonuses:

  • Video Sales Meeting Swipe File: Download the Sales Meeting Blueprint so you can be over-prepared for every meeting!
  • Invitation to the #1 video sales community for filmmakers, where you can learn from the blood, sweat, and tears of your fellow Video WARRIORS.

Coaching & Community-Driven Programs

These programs involve hands-on coaching with Nik and Marcus, as well as membership in our private student community  where students collaborate and learn from each other. We are proud of the community of Video WARRIORS we have created and welcome future students to be empowered and supported by it!

Zero2WARRIOR Online Course

Define and market your creative expertise while learning how to sell the one video every business needs. Kill your imposter symdrome.

Learn the creative process and build your own version of the video business card, the one video every business needs.

Included Bonuses:

  • Video Cash Hacks: Five easy upsells that increase profit without adding too much extra work.
  • Video Bullseye: The 10 best businesses to pitch, and the right angles to get their attention.
  • Legal Warrior: Three contract starters that you can use as a base for yours. Note: speak with your lawyer to make sure you're legal bases are covered.
  • Biweekly Live Q&A Calls: Once a WARRIOR, ALWAYS a WARRIOR. Twice a month we get together to answer all your questions and help you get past whatever hurdles lie ahead.

(Coming Soon) The Video WARRIOR Academy

The first ever Annual mastermind for those who are seriously invested in building their video business and are already making sales.

Included Bonuses:

  • Weekly video coaching calls with Marcus, Nik, or both!
  • Private Student Community: Join the community of fellow high-level Video WARRIORS on your journey to build your legacy and business!
  • Attend our elite Video WARRIOR meetups: Join our elite tribe of WARRIORS as we discuss the latest and greatest trends in video. Stoke your fire, fuel your passion, and build your ideal life.

Words From Our WARRIORS

Don't juset take our word for it: see what our Video WARRIORS think of our mentorship.

Your Video WARRIOR Mentors

Marcus Rideout

Marcus Rideout is the founder of the weekly Warrior Wednesday Show on YouTube and author of “Video Selling Formula” (the book that teaches filmmakers how to run sales meetings, word for word). Contrary to the legends surrounding the man, who also writes about himself in the third person, he’s really just a normal dude who stumbled upon a way to sell video (without selling out).

After proving it wasn’t a one-time fluke sale, he thought it was something only extroverts like himself would be good at. That is until he shared it with one of his most introverted friends, who happened to put it to work and do over $40,000 in his very first year of his own business!

These days he enjoys spending his time in the small Canadian city that captured his heart with his girlfriend of 8 years and their calico cat, “Cali”. He’s recently been seen torturing his neighbors while trying to learn how to play slide guitar on his National Reso-Phonic (one of three axes in his arsenal).

Nik Koyama

Nik Koyama started making videos at a young age because of his passion for becoming a professional skateboarder. He closed his first contract to make skate videos for an energy drink company when he was 9. The ‘Proof or it never happened’ culture led to a life-long obsession with a video camera. After breaking way too many bones, Nik decided he wanted to produce every type of video he could... and he did.

He didn’t even do it for money, and it wasn’t til a business owner forced a payday upon him for the work he did that opened his eyes to making money from his skill. He went on to earn 6 figures a year while still in high school from his video production work.

Recently he discovered and fell in love with the city of Santa Barbara and took a chance moving on a whim. He had no clients, no family, no backup plan, and within the first 12 months of being there built Santa Barbara’s premiere video production company, employed 13 staff, and sold just shy of $500,000 in video projects.