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We turn videographers into Video WARRIORS by helping you build strong business, life, and sales skills that can lead you to a successful financial future.

We believe in the growth opportunities that mentorship provides.

Learn the valuable skillsets and mindsets that film schools are not teaching you, so you can actually make a living doing what you love!

Unlock the secret language that allows you to be seen as a 'must hire' instead of a videographer who constantly has to justify your worth to potential clients.

Learn what it takes to actually build something you can be proud of, that pays you well, all without having to be in hustle and grind mode 24/7.

And avoid the frustrations, fatal mistakes, and failures that can destroy your love for filmmaking along the way.

Helping Video Warriors

Revenue We've Helped Video WARRIORS Generate Since Jan 2018

Our Movement Is More Than Just a Digital Course

It's a Community of Filmmakers Who Feel Called to Live a Meaningful Life

We do what we do because we feel called to lead the way forward, because nobody was there to help us when we first started. Everything we do is founded on our simple yet life-changing beliefs:

Video is Powerful

We believe that video is the most powerful tool available to business owners. For someone like you, with your skills, has access to a literal goldmine if you only knew how to wield your powers in the world of business while still holding firm to your core values as a creative.

You Get The Choice

We believe that you don’t have to compromise your time in order to build a profitable business as a filmmaker. Video WARRIORS operate from an empowered ‘Freedom of Choice’ lifestyle. You get the choice! If you wanna be there for your partner or children you can. If you wanna travel more, you can! If you wanna buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini (or Tesla), you can! It doesn’t have to come from being a Hustle Bro: a Video WARRIOR is effective and efficient in their attack. We don’t have to strike every single day just to get ahead financially.

Incite Real Change

We believe that filmmakers have the power and responsibility to incite real change in the world through their works, yet so often our voices have been silenced from resorting to ‘falling in line’ and selling your creative soul to lead a life of mediocrity and quiet desperation.

Field Tested Programs

We believe real results only come from leaders who have field tested everything we teach. All of our programs were designed and field tested by our team AS WELL AS hundreds of Video WARRIORS from all around the world! The principles and skills we teach are relevant in today’s business world and have been proven to work worldwide (not just here in North America!).

Be Part of Our Community

We believe in nurturing a THRIVING community above all else! This isn’t a one-off, ‘buy a course and be left on your own’. No, we’re here to stay and we want to see you succeed. We have been consistently showing up for our students since we started, as well as releasing weekly content designed to help the worldwide community of filmmakers. This ain’t a random course from some dudes who bought some Facebook ads training on how to sell courses to people online… those people don’t do what we do.

New WARRIORS Welcomed

Wanna unlock the ability to invent your own career path and future? Solve problems with your video skills that make people’s lives and the world a better place as a direct result? Or maybe you’re already making a living from your video work and wanna figure out how to optimize it to get more of your time back (without losing dollars to your bottom line).

We are always looking to add good people to the Video WARRIOR tribe. Is that you?

Your Video WARRIOR Mentors

Marcus Rideout

Marcus Rideout is the founder of the weekly Warrior Wednesday Show on YouTube and author of “Video Selling Formula” (the book that teaches filmmakers how to run sales meetings, word for word). Contrary to the legends surrounding the man, who also writes about himself in the third person, he’s really just a normal dude who stumbled upon a way to sell video (without selling out).

After proving it wasn’t a one-time fluke sale, he thought it was something only extroverts like himself would be good at. That is until he shared it with one of his most introverted friends, who happened to put it to work and do over $40,000 in his very first year of his own business!

These days he enjoys spending his time in the small Canadian city that captured his heart with his girlfriend of 8 years and their calico cat, “Cali”. He’s recently been seen torturing his neighbors while trying to learn how to play slide guitar on his National Reso-Phonic (one of three axes in his arsenal).

Nik Koyama

Nik Koyama started making videos at a young age because of his passion for becoming a professional skateboarder. He closed his first contract to make skate videos for an energy drink company when he was 9. The ‘Proof or it never happened’ culture led to a life-long obsession with a video camera. After breaking way too many bones, Nik decided he wanted to produce every type of video he could... and he did.

He didn’t even do it for money, and it wasn’t til a business owner forced a payday upon him for the work he did that opened his eyes to making money from his skill. He went on to earn 6 figures a year while still in high school from his video production work.

Recently he discovered and fell in love with the city of Santa Barbara and took a chance moving on a whim. He had no clients, no family, no backup plan, and within the first 12 months of being there built Santa Barbara’s premiere video production company, employed 13 staff, and sold just shy of $500,000 in video projects.

Words From Our WARRIORS

Don't juset take our word for it: see what our video WARRIORS think of our mentorship.

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We Turn Videographers Into

We teach essential business lessons - if you can’t pitch, sell, produce, and help market videos for your local clients as a result of what we teach then we have failed our mission.

We’ve got something for every video maker, whether you’re just getting started and haven’t made your first sale yet, if you’re selling already but at a price ceiling (like $2,000 per project), or if you’re already running a video business and doing over $75,000 a year.